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Four Objectives for BETTER HEALTHCARE

Delivering better outcomes one patient at a time

Improve Patient Care

Timing is everything. The moment a patient needs to be discharged from the hospital, Evolvere Health makes sure that each patient is discharged to the right Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), at the right time, ensuring the best level of care.

Improve Revenue Streams

Positively impact your profit margin. Implement new and efficient business models to improve occupancy rates, take advantage of multiple revenue models and create opportunities for value-based payments.

Improve Population Health Management

Coordination matters. Our care management process starts the moment a hospital patient needs to be discharged. We coordinate the delivery of care with a focus on the best outcome for the patient in the most cost-effective setting using a proprietary health platform.

Improve Revenue Cycles

The bottom line: Evolvere Health works directly with Skilled Nursing Facilities to increase their referrals, enhance marketing strategies, and acquire access to new business models and Managed Care contracting.


Learn About Delivering Better Healthcare


40% of patients discharged from the hospital require post - acute care.

The Evolvere Health Care Managers utilizing proprietary technology systems provide hospital discharge planners with the necessary information to facilitate the optimal discharges.

1 in 4 patients discharged to a Skilled Nursing Facility are readmitted within 30 days.

At Evolvere Health, we work with Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities to ensure each patient is in the proper place getting the proper care, thereby creating better outcomes.

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